Vienna patholinguistics discussion class November  9th 2020 Pléh



  • Comparison of aphasia with other disorders of speech Sophie Samek shall start a presentation 
  • Rule debates summary 
  • key issues concept and role of rules in modern linguistics 
  • what is the connectionist challenge 
  • In what ways is Pinker and Clahsen a compromise? 
  • Why is morphology so crucial in the debates? 
  • How does a rules plus items system work in morphology? 


Procedural brain and language 

  • The origin of knowing what and knowing how. Ryle and Polányi. Tacit knowledge.
  • The procedures – knowledge duality in the visual brain.    
  • Extensions to language. (Jeannerod and Marslen-Wilson) b
  • The system prosed by Ullmann. Skill organization, language.  and sucortical centers   


Modularity and phrenology 

  • Relate Fodor and later imaging visions of the brain
  • Why and how is Fodor a not radical modularist?  
  • Modularity versus modularization